Lara is the co-founder of The Leadership High and of fitness community BlitzFitness.

“If Superman and WonderWoman had a love child it would be Lara”

Richard Reed CBE, Founder of Innocent

She believes that the physical and the psychological are intrinsically linked. She believes that ‘I move therefore I think’. She believes that confidence can be trained just like a physical muscle. She believes every societal malaise, both physical and psychological, can be treated with movement.

Lara is the author of Fit as A Fiddle for the Sunday Times fitness; the Official Fitness Partner of the Virgin Strive Challenge and a mentor for the Allbright Club and Regenerate.

Lara lives in London with her husband and 2 children, Austin & Kiera.


Lara writes regularly for a range of publications and has been featured in Women’s Running, Vogue, The Times, Good Housekeeping, Red and The Sunday Times Magazine and is often approached for comments on a range of fitness areas.

Lara undertakes a number of speaking engagements relating to inspiring women, fitness and striving for the charity Big Change.

The Leadership High™

A high altitude female leadership experience

We explore the link between physical challenge and mental bravery. Having
confidence is intrinsic to building a leadership mindset. You will tackle new challenges and encounter the different emotional states we all face when approaching new and evolving landscapes. #courage #confidence #collaboration

• What can we as women change to enable a ‘leadership mindset’ to become the norm?
• How can we strengthen the ‘confidence muscle’?

Our time together will be guided and led by our expert team, providing stimuli which will challenge you to thrive in changing environments and situations. Our group will consist of women who will each bring their own experiences to The Leadership High™; providing an opportunity to collaborate both during and after.

The experience takes place in the exhilarating landscape of the Pyrenees.



Logo - BlitzFitness

Whilst at home with young children Lara started taking other mums running. She met business partner Karen Crump in the playground (we like to call it the School Gate business model) and BlitzFitness was born.

An outdoor fitness community of over 300 #Blitzers now regularly run, jump, burpee and hop their way around the green spaces of SW London.


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